IMAGESEARCH.NET allows you to find similar images across the web instantly

What is Reverse Image Search?

Gone are the days of searching for images by giving a keyword. Instead of a keyword, reverse image search is all about searching similar images by providing a sample image. When you upload a picture, this allows you to get more information about it, in terms of places, objects, and individuals. Alternatively, you can also enter the image URL to enable search for similar images.

Reverse image search is a simple content based image retrieval procedure, also known as Query by Image Content in which image content is contemplated as criteria for searching images instead of the metadata info which includes details such as the use of flash, the camera that has been used, etc. On the contrary, CBIR uses a query image to perform the search for similar images.

Reverse Image Search uses search by image to allow users to find the similar images simply by uploading an image or by entering the URL of an image. Google, Bing, Yandex, and other search engines assess the sample image and generate a calculated model of it by using some advanced techniques. It is then matched with the images available on the search engines, and similar image results are then returned to the user after carefully matching.

How Does Reverse Image Search Tool Work?

Our tool has a similar approach as Google reverse image search. It is content-based image recognition tool, where there isn’t the need of any kind of keywords to look for or search similar images. The tool delivers you the accurate and quick results; if it doesn’t find the precise results for your query image, then it will show the nearest image results. So what you need is to provide a sample or query image to our tool, and based on that query image it will conduct a thorough search for the similar images. The results can include exact images from various web sources or similar types of images.

How to Use Reverse Image Search Tool

To use this straight forward and easy tool, there isn’t any need to sign up or register or installation of any kind. This tool is completely free to let people carry out reverse image search conveniently.

Using this free online utility, you perform reverse image search or in other words search by image, and for that, you need an image or its URL.

Just follow these few simple steps:

  • To upload image click on ‘Upload Image’ button or enter the image URL path
  • Click on ‘Search Similar Images’

How Can Reverse Image Search Help You?

Since the days of Google reverse image search, searching for similar images has proven to be so fascinating and helpful in a lot of different situations. There are many reasons for you to use reverse image search, it is one of those very few technological innovations that don’t necessarily come up with a very limited list of uses. Let’s discuss few of the uses of this revolutionary innovation:

  • Hunt fake social media profiles:

    Yes, that’s one of its primary uses. It does sound very fascinating, and it certainly is. Let’s suppose you are trying to track down an old friend’s FB account, now you have found one, but you are not sure if it’s real. What will you do? Run a reverse image search and see if there exist more accounts having that picture on the same website.

  • Find plagiarism or illicitly used photos:

    If you are a professional photographer, then you sure would not want your work to be used across the web without your permission or without even giving you any credit. This efficient search by image tool is of great help when it comes to tracking down the photos that you doubt have been used without your knowledge.

  • To recognize people, places, and products:

    Yes, you can use this efficient tool to recognize anything, from people to places as well as plants, animals, and unlabeled products. This tool can assist you to find out about a particular place or product and individuals or animals that you can’t recognize or don’t know much about. It is just as simple as it sounds, all you need to do is submit a query image.